Fees & Payment Plan

Periodontal Treatment

Treatment of gum disease usually begins with non–surgical deep cleaning commonly referred to as Scaling and Root-Planing. Fees are based on initial disease presentation of and for most people this would range between $847-$2,500.

Following initial non-surgical treatment you may require surgical therapy to treat any unresolved areas of your mouth. This would normally range between $880-$2,750.

Once your gum disease is under control our hygienists will see you periodically to help you maintain periodontal health. This is referred to as Maintenance Therapy. The cost of these sessions would be approximately $220, and dependent on your disease profile and your ability to clean adequately. These visits would normally be 3-9 monthly.

Implant Treatment

Missing teeth can be replaced by a number of treatment modalities. One of these is the use of dental implants. Dental implant treatment involves the surgical placement of a titanium implant followed by a period of healing. After this time you will be sent back to your referring dentist who will complete the treatment by constructing and fitting the required restoration or if you don’t have a Dentist, we can complete this side of the treatment here. Bone grafting may sometimes be required before the implant can be placed, often depending on the length of time that the tooth or teeth have been missing. When the bone loss isn‘t so severe, it is sometimes possible to graft at the time of implant placement.

On occasion there will also be insufficient bone height when placing an implant to replace an upper back tooth and a sinus lift will be required at a cost of $2,500 (including grafting materials). This can sometimes be carried out simultaneously with implant placement.

Other Surgical Procedures

Sometimes your Periodontist or referring dentist will recommend other surgical procedures. This may be to assist your dentist to place a crown (cap) or bridge by exposing more of your remaining tooth structure – this is called Functional Crown lengthening. Some people may present with a “Gummy Smile”, and these patients can benefit from Aesthetic Crown Lengthening to produce a more aesthetic result.

Sometimes the gum has receded on a tooth or teeth in the front of your mouth and its obvious when you smile. This will normally have occurred from over-zealous toothbrushing. Grafting procedures can be carried out to restore the missing gum and therefore produce a more pleasing result.

Please refer down the page for an estimate of costs for these procedures. A more accurate cost can be given after consultation. If you are unable to meet the cost of a procedure please speak to Karen Newcombe our Practice Manager, who may be able to work out a payment plan that suits.

Terms and Conditions of Payment

Payment Terms

We require payment in full at the time of consultation and/or treatment/surgery (unless prior arrangements have been made).

  • All fees are payable at time of your surgery.
  • Any unpaid balance will incur a 10% fee.
  • If you are having IV sedation then payment is required immediately prior to surgery.
  • If you are having Dental Implant/s placed then payment is required prior to surgery being undertaken.
  • WINZ Quotes available on request.

ACC Patients

Consultations and X-ray charges

  • ACC does not cover our full costs of consultations or X-rays
  • A part charge for the ACC shortfall will be payable by you (the patient).


  • Surgeries undertaken for ACC normally require prior approval.
  • The surgery costs may be partially or totally covered by ACC.

Cancelled Appointments

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee if appointments are cancelled within 48 hours of scheduled time.

Payment Options

We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Diners, EFTPOS, Farmers Card, Q-Card, Flight Centre Card, GE Money Card and SuperGold Card (please refer to SuperGold Terms and Conditions), cash and internet banking.

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Q Card

Take advantage of our 12 months Interest Free Payment plans. 

We offer Flexible Payment options on all our treatments.

To apply online go to: www.qmastercard.co.nz and click on APPLY NOW

Talk to our staff today to find out more about our flexible payment options.

Term Administration Fee
12 months Interest Free No additional fees
18 months  Interest Free 3.95%
24 months  Interest Free 7.25%
36 months  Interest Free 9.95% 
Q Card Interest Free Terms Available link

Henderson Periodontics & Implants Cost of Services Guide

Cost of Services Time $$ Description
Prices current at 24 June 2021 and subject to change without notice.
Full mouth examination 1 hour $295.00
Localised Periodontal Exam 30 mins $165.00
Recession/Crown Lengthening 10 mins $95.00
Hygienist Treatments Per Hour $220.00
Teeth Whitening Treatment $539.00 includes Tays, Takehome Kit
Extraction From $250.00
Surgical Extraction From $550.00
Aesthetic Crown Lengthening $1,936.00 (gum lift) teeth 15-25
Crown Lengthening Per Hour $907.00 Per Hour
Frenectomy with Laser & Consult $450.00
Pericision $220.00
Flap Surgery Per Hour $968.00
Graft Surgery+ (GBR) Per Hour $1,052.00 Plus materials & membrane
Connective Tissue Graft Surgery/FGG From $1,650.00
Sinus Lift Surgery From $2,500.00 Plus materials & membrane
Dental Implant (x1) + Crown From $5,500.00 Posterior (Back tooth)
Dental Implant (x1) + Crown From $5,900.00 Anterior (Front tooth)
Dental Implants (x2) From $6,375.00
Implant Threads $220.00-$600.00 Covering exposed threads plus materials
Denture – Implants (x2) $6,375.00
Denture – Implants (x4) $12,750.00
Denture – 2nd stage $1,078.00 including locator abutments
Re-do Implant Fee $750.00
Cause Related Therapy – 2 Quadrants x 60 mins $847.00
Cause Related Therapy – Full mouth x 90 mins $1,270.00
Cause Related Therapy – Full mouth x 120 mins $1,694.00
Full mouth Periapical Radiographs $150.00
Orthopantomogram X-ray (OPG) $101.00
CBCT Scan $275.00
Periapical X-ray (P.A) $20.00
ACC Shortfall for OPG $60.00

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