Implant Supported Dentures

More chewing power, just like normal teeth

Implant supported dentures xray

Fixed Complete Dentures

A way of replacing all your teeth

Implant supported dentures are a way to replace teeth when all of the teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw. They can be sometimes used when a patient cannot tolerate the roof of the mouth (palate) being completely covered. This makes them more comfortable, with less material in the mouth.

Implants in place in lower jaw with healing caps attached

Implants in place in lower jaw with healing caps attached

In the upper jaw, we usually need to have 6 implants; although sometimes 4 or 5 can be used (full palate coverage may be required though).

In the lower jaw, four implants are usually required.

The denture is “fixed” to the implants via a metal (normally titanium) framework. This is screwed onto the implants, with teeth and pink plastic added and screwed to the framework to simulate the teeth and gums. We can remove the denture by loosening the screws. This is only required occasionally for maintenance.

Full fixed lower denture prosthesis (note holes for screw insertion into implants)

Full fixed lower denture prosthesis (note holes for screw insertion into implants)

The implants however can be accessed for regular cleaning (1-2 times yearly) without having to remove the prosthesis.

This type of denture is not removable by the patient. The chewing power of this denture is much greater than a conventional denture. It is equivalent to the chewing power of natural teeth.

Removable Complete Dentures — Overdentures

You can remove yourself

Overdentures are dentures supported by implants that can be removed by the patient. Their advantage is ease of cleaning both of the dentures and underlying implants.

Most people that who wear dentures are unhappy with them them, usually because of comfort, (rubbing on the gum, causing ulcers), fit (dentures are loose, particularly the lower), and function (patients do not have the chewing power of their natural teeth).

Patients with lower dentures are great candidates for implant supported overdentures.

Implant supported removable dentures offer tremendous support and retention, so eating, speaking and smiling is are more comfortable. Dr Henderson recommends as little as 2 implants to stop your lower denture floating around, causing sore spots and difficulty when chewing.

Removable implant supported dentures have the advantage of easy cleaning of both the implants and the overdenture, as they do not have to be unscrewed by your dentist for removal.

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